Revolutionizing Music Streaming with Voise, the First Music Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain

Artists not getting fairly paid for their content is a growing problem today, as music streaming services are cutting them out. Voise has a solution that will put the power back in the artist’s hands.

Taking Advantage of Artists

We live in an age where music creators aren’t getting paid the revenue they deserve for their work. The most recent lawsuit against Spotify is great evidence of that, with Wixen Music Publishing launching a $1.6 billion case. The company represents popular artists who are being taken advantage of, such as Neil Young, The Black Keys, and Tom Petty. And this is only the most recent accusation. Spotify has been plagued for over a year with people upset about how they compensate the artists that make up their entire company.

This is where Voise looks to innovate. Their platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and provides an avenue for artists to publish their work for fans and make 100% of the revenue. It runs via a smart contract, so once the platform is launched people will be able to verify the software for themselves.

How Voise Works

On the Voise platform, artists have complete control. If they decide to publish their work to the network, they upload the file and it is published over a peer-to-peer network. People can browse the uploads to find music to their liking, and can even listen to samples before purchasing.

VOISE tokens can be used to pay the artists for their content, with every transaction being published to the Ethereum blockchain. Once the transaction is confirmed, the funds will subsequently be sent to the artist’s wallet. The artist will be getting every single penny paid, minus a small transaction fee to broadcast the transaction.

On Voise, an artist can set their own prices and decide how they want to offer samples to their fans. They can even set up a “donation” system, with a small 30-second clip being available initially and after a donation the entire song becomes available. This music library will be open to everyone around the world, subverting the banning of some established music providers in some countries.

The key piece here is the decentralized nature of the network. Unlike a traditional streaming service where, if it shuts down, your music is gone, with Voise the entire music library will be hosted via a peer-to-peer network, so your music will always be accessible.

Unlike many crypto projects, the team behind Voise recognizes that this service is not only in demand for digital currency enthusiasts, but the rest of the technically illiterate public. Most people around the world have no idea what Bitcoin is, let alone how to buy, store, and use it. In time, the Voise platform is also set to integrate fiat payments to further open the platform to as many people as possible.

Another nifty feature of Voise is the DAO Radio. This feature allows users to vote on music via the blockchain, letting people rate current songs on a public playlist and vote for new songs to get added. A leaderless radio station, if you will

Voise launched an ICO earlier last year, and the tokens that came from it will be the best way to interact with the platform. You can buy the tokens on exchanges such as HitBTC, Cryptopia, and EtherDelta, with more exchanges planning support. The current supply of Voise is just around 643,000,000, with occasional coin burns by the dev team driving down the supply even more.

Do you think this platform would disrupt the current music streaming industry? Would you use this? Let us know in the comments down below!

Images courtesy of Voise

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