China Updates Crypto Ranking, Downgrades BTC Further

China Updates Crypto Ranking, Downgrades BTC Further

China’s Center for Information Industry Development has updated its ranking of 33 crypto projects, evaluated in three separate categories as well as overall. BTC has been downgraded further since the center’s previous update while EOS and Ethereum still top the overall ranking.

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New Ranking

China Updates Crypto Ranking, Downgrades BTC FurtherThe China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) announced a new update of its crypto project ranking on Monday. This is the center’s sixth update. The number of crypto protects evaluated remains 33, unchanged from the previous ranking.

EOS still tops the list overall, followed by Ethereum and then Bitshares. Falling from 10th place in August to 16th place in September, BTC now occupies the 19th spot in this latest update. BCH has gained a few positions, up from 31st place in September to 28th place. Meanwhile, NEM remains at the bottom of the list.

China Updates Crypto Ranking, Downgrades BTC Further

The ranking was organized and implemented by the CCID and jointly carried out by a number of organizations including the CCID Think Tank, under the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute, and the China Software Testing Center. “The purpose is to scientifically assess the development level of global public chain technology and accurately grasp the trend,” the center clarified. The first ranking was published in May.

EOS Remains China’s Favorite

Thirty-three crypto projects were evaluated in three broad categories as well as overall. The three categories are basic technology, applicability, and creativity.

China Updates Crypto Ranking, Downgrades BTC FurtherIn the overall category, EOS tops the list, followed by Ethereum. The two projects have been in the same spots since the center’s second update in June. The CCID noted that when the index was launched in May, the EOS main network was not online yet so the project was excluded from the ranking. Since then, “EOS and Ethereum have firmly occupied the top two [positions] on the list,” the center wrote, asserting:

At present, EOS and Ethereum are undoubtedly the preferred platforms for Dapp development worldwide, and EOS is showing a stronger momentum. The data shows that EOS Dapp is highly active and user increments are large.

China Updates Crypto Ranking, Downgrades BTC FurtherIn the basic technology category, the top projects have not changed from the previous update, the center explained. “The top five of the basic technology index for this period are EOS, Bitshares, Steem, Ethereum and Gxchain. The top five are consistent with the previous list.”

In terms of applicability, this latest ranking “has improved the evaluation methods of development tools and comprehensively evaluated APIs, SDKs, RPCs, smart contracts and other development tools,” the CCID elaborated. The top five projects in this category are Ethereum, Neo, Nebula, Qtum and Dash.

In terms of creativity, the top five are BTC, Ethereum, EOS, Nuls and Cardano. “Compared with the previous index, the public chains with the largest increases in the innovation index are Ripple, Nuls, Iota, Nebula and Bitcoin Cash,” the CCID detailed.

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