Wallet Celebrates Major Milestone With 40 Million Crypto Wallets Created is proud to announce that it has reached a significant milestone in its mission to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide: the creation of the 40 millionth crypto wallet in the multi-chain, DeFi-ready Wallet.

Since its inception in June 2017, the Wallet has seen a rapid rise in user adoption, reflecting the increasing acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency around the globe. Wallet Celebrates Major Milestone With 40 Million Crypto Wallets Created

It took nearly two years for to reach its first five million wallets. In contrast, the recent fifteen million wallets have been created in just a year and a half, reflecting a dramatic increase in the pace of adoption. CEO Dennis Jarvis commented, “We are extremely proud of the progress we’ve made since the Wallet’s launch in 2017. The growth and adoption rate we’ve seen is a testament to the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies. It’s not just about the numbers – these 40 million wallets represent individuals and businesses who are embracing the freedom, inclusivity, and innovation that cryptocurrency offers.”

The Wallet has been at the forefront of the crypto revolution, providing a secure, easy-to-use platform for users to buy, sell, trade, and manage a variety of crypto assets. The success of the platform is a result of the company’s unwavering commitment to making cryptocurrency accessible and user-friendly. Head of Financial Services Corbin Fraser added, “As we look to the future, we remain committed to ensuring that the Wallet continues to be a trusted, accessible, and powerful tool for Bitcoin and crypto users worldwide. To that end, we’re excited to be integrating our rewards and utility token VERSE, which will supercharge crypto adoption by making it easier than ever for newcomers.”

As celebrates this milestone, the company wants to express its deepest gratitude to all its users. Their belief in the potential of cryptocurrency and their trust in the Wallet have been instrumental in the platform’s success.

To show appreciation and to further promote crypto adoption, is hosting a $10K giveaway and invites everyone to join in and help onboard the world to crypto and DeFi.